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Web Browser to View Website Across Multiple Devices. No Coding Skills Required.

 Muse For You - Adobe Muse CC Adobe Muse CC Logo

One of the challenges web developers face when building a responsive website is making sure it looks great on all devices. I recently came across a web browser that is specifically built for web developers and allows you to see your website across multiple devices. The web browser is called Blisk and it can be found at In the video above I give a quick overview of the web browser and where to download it.

When building a fixed-width or fluid-width website in Adobe Muse this browser can be very useful. You can quickly test and see how your website will look across multiple devices as you are developing within Adobe Muse.

With the Blisk web browser you can see how your website will look on the following devices:


  • Iphone 4
  • Iphone 5
  • Iphone 6
  • Iphone 6 Plus
  • Iphone 7
  • Iphone 7 Plus
  • Nokia N9
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • LG G3
  • Google Nexus 4
  • Google Nexus 6


  • Ipad Mini
  • Ipad Air Retina
  • Google Nexus 7
  • Google Nexus 10

Muse For You - Blisk Web Browser - Adobe Muse CC - Web Design Ledger

The browser allows you to view the mobile/tablet version and the browser version of the site at the same time. This will allow you to test the site and see how it looks visually across different devices. Also clicking with the mouse is the same as touching the device on the mobile and tablet versions of the site. Along with showing the website on these phones it also gives you the dimensions of the phones within the selection panel. This can be useful when deciding where you would like to place breakpoints within Adobe Muse.

For more video tutorials and widgets for Adobe Muse visit

Happy Musing :).

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Intense or Not Intense: It Is Hardly a Question [Multipurpose Website Template]

intense multipurpose website template

The concept of a multipurpose website template from TemplateMonster has won the world rather quickly. The popularity of web templates can be explained by many factors that are connected both with programmers and non-programmers. For a programmer, a multipurpose website template means less sleepless nights, less dirty job (meaning hand coding), and surprisingly more clients (we all know that clients do not like waiting). For a non-programmer, a web template from TemplateMonster is basically the only way to become an integral part of the web world. In addition, due to the 24/7 Support Team and affordable prices everyone can get a blog, a portfolio, or an online-shop that is fully customizable, speed- and SEO-optimized.

You would ask – what else can you ask for if everything is already this perfect? You would be surprised to know that there is the web template from TemplateMonster that is literally a programming wonder. And this wonder is called Intense. Designed as the first multipurpose website template, it got so popular that TemplateMonster has decided to create 10 more Intense-based templates. By the way, there is a rumor that TemplateMonster is not going to stop at number 10.

What is So Special About The Intense Multipurpose Website Template?

The answer is simple – everything. It could be said that the main unique feature of the Intense multipurpose website templates is their flexibility. It means that every Intense template can be easily transformed into 30 personal blogs, 20 different portfolios, or 10 authentic online-shops. Feel free to correct us, but as far as we know, this is the only template that can boast such flexibility.

What is also fantastic about the Intense multipurpose website template is the unbelievable amount of customizable elements that you can adjust to your needs. Numbers speak for themselves – 250+ HTML pages, 13 header and 4 footer styles, 60+ reusable elements, 2000+ Font Icons, 190+ PSD files and lots of other cool things. All this in one template. Outstanding, right?

One more breathtaking detail is that buying an Intense template means that you automatically sign up for the lifetime free updates from TemplateMonster. Knowing how productive the TemplateMonster programmers could be, there is a high chance that you would not need to wait for a long time before you see a better version of your Intense template. Yes, it is almost impossible to imagine that Intense could be better than it is now. But as people say, there is no end to perfection.

As one can see, the Intense templates is a profitable investment no matter what type of a website you are planning to launch. Or how well you know the latest trends in web development, or how big your expectations are. Also, Intense fits into any budget (see for yourself the prices for an individual Intense template or for the whole pack), into any company image and size. Enjoy the Intense multipurpose website template and choose the new look for your web project!

Chief Intense Template

This template has quickly become a bestseller due to its practical potential and amazing design. With Chief Intense your future website is equipped with all necessary tools not only to survive but also to thrive in the Internet world. While the valid semantic code, the parallax scrolling and the extended Bootstrap toolkit help this template to maintain its leading role in the Intense template family.

Intense - Multipurpose Website Template

Details | Demo

Look and Love Multipurpose Website Template

The main goal of this template for photographers is to concentrate all your visitors’ attention on your content. This is achieved thanks to the clever choice of colors and easy-to-use navigation. Also, the valid semantic code ensures that your portfolio loads quickly so your customers could be more than satisfied when visiting your site. Let Look and Love do all the job while you are taking breathtaking photos!

Photographer Site Template

Details | Demo

A Better Place Website Template

This template is designed the way your customers would want it to be designed. The white background that adds emphasis on your goods, different types of galleries with the photos that can stir anyone’s imagination. And social media buttons that help you to enlarge your clientele daily – this is what A Better Place offers. Finally selling property has never been easier!

Real Estate Agency Website Template

Details | Demo

Tasty Intense Template

All your visitors will be absolutely stunned when using your website for the first time. First of all designed as a restaurant template, Tasty Intense represents the whole new approach to food industry. Being ultra responsive and cross-browser compatible, this template offers limitless possibilities for creativity. Moreover, this templates can guarantee that your restaurant is as busy as it could ever possibly be.

European Restaurant Web Template

Details | Demo

Hard-working Multipurpose Website Template

If you need a job portal with the modern design and practical layout, then Hard-working is waiting for you. Equipped with the powerful search engine, this template allows your clients to find the jobs or employees of their dreams in no time. Due to the smart combination of black and white in the background accompanied by green highlights, your site looks positive and approachable.

Employment Responsive Web Template

Details | Demo

Intense Blogger Template

This template effectively uses the white color as a means to attract all the attention of your visitors to your thoughts and experience. Cute social icons help your blog get more popular on the web. The minimalist design is combined with the best functionality ever and extraordinary technical features.

Personal Blog Responsive Website Template

Details | Demo

Energy Inside Multipurpose Website Template

Looking powerful and ambitious, this template possesses all the qualities that the Intense family can be so proud of. The fully responsive slider, the speed optimisation and social feed widgets create the unforgettable image of your sports center. The drop-down menu helps your website look well-organized and clean.

Gym Equipment Website Template

Details | Demo

Hand in Hand Template

This template is aimed at small businesses that deal with handicraft. Warm colors and the user-friendly layout of this template evoke an interest of your clients from all over the world. Also, sliced PSD and the drop-down menu look smart and welcoming.

Hobby Supplies Website Template

Details | Demo

Play Intense Multipurpose Website Template

This particular template is created to suit the need for fresh and cute websites for kids’ goods. The absolutely charming color scheme harmonizes with cute Google Fonts. In addition being SEO-optimized, this template can quickly turn your web project into a profitable business.

Child Care Center Website Template

Details | Demo

Heal Multipurpose Website Template

You can definitely rely on this template if you are planning to launch a successful medical business. Because of easy-to-navigate and cross-browser compatible, Heal can boast great practical potential. Furthermore, your clients know where to find you if needed thanks to the smart use of Google Maps and the fresh-looking Contact form. The sticky navigation bar and the back-to-top button help your visitors to find the information they need in no time.

Dentist Site Template

Details | Demo

Money Talks Multipurpose Website Template

This template is designed for consulting companies of different budgets, types, and sizes. The combination of the green background and yellow spots create the image of stability and prosperity. Moreover, being speed-optimized, Money Talks makes sure that your clients enjoy visiting your site.

Financial Consultant Website Template

Details | Demo

In addition, you can find out more about Intense and other newest creations of TemplateMonster on the TemplateMonster Youtube Channel.

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Students having fun, are students who are learning to code.

happy student

Any teacher will tell you that the top three things you need in a course are:

  1. Engagement
  2. Engagement
  3. Engagement

Over the last 6 years of working with schools, we’ve been fine tuning StudioWeb (and our courses) to make learning to code fun. Instant feedback, 50+ assignable projects, fine-grained lessons and a gamified experience, has made StudioWeb the most effective teaching tool out there.

What a teacher just told me yesterday:

… Student’s are loving StudioWeb. It’s made a huge change in behavior because they get to work on StudioWeb when they’ve done their classwork.

StudioWeb is so effective, that many teachers simply take on the role of classroom facilitator, letting StudioWeb take care of the teaching, tracking and even the grading!

Which coding languages should you teach with?

We offer a curriculum that includes the most popular computer languages in the world:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • PHP

… And coming for January 2017, Python.

Besides the fact that these languages are widely used in industry, they are great to teach code with for many reasons:

  • They are very visual and/or provide instant results.
  • They are easy to set up.
  • Can be taught on all types of computers included, Windows, Mac, Chromebooks and iPads.

If you would like to learn more, feel free to reach out to us.

Stefan Mischook

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17 Great Letterpress Business Cards That Define Past and Present Craftsmanship


With the advancement of technology, sometimes it is good to move forward quickly, but sometimes it is good to connect with the past and use trusted precedents for print. With Letterpress Business Cards you get an old style printing method that has evolved from functionality into an art form. At Jukebox Print we understand that human creativity, just like the human body is constantly surpassing itself and raising the bar to new heights. By surpassing ourselves in Letterpress, we tested our skills and perfected the art and the result is the ability create unique things never seen before.

While we understand that looking at a picture of a Letterpress Business Card might not warm your soul quite like looking at a painting by Matisse does. Even still, we hope our work inspires you. Maybe after this, you will think Letterpress Business Cards are as cool as we do.

Circular Business Card


These 2″ Circular Business Cards were produced in fine detail with 15 colors of Letterpress. The final touch is exquisite pastel pink Painted Edges.

Jean Jullien Business Card


These unique die cut cards were produced for the Parisian designer Jean Jullien. Finished off with painted edges.

Lion Business Card


We took the challenge from designer Ksyu Deniska to create this intricate card with eleven colors of Letterpress and strokes as thin as .02 mm!

Don’t Try Studio Business Card


3ply Layered Business Cards with 5 colors of Letterpress made for Parisian designer Monge Quentin.

ABSOLUT Business Card


Letterpress is the perfect complement to other specialty print processes such as foil, as shown here with the beautiful black ABSOLUT card.

Ribbon Business Card


This cute ribbon-shaped card is the perfect design for an event planner.

Pillow Texture Business Card


This luxurious business card features a 3D embossed pillow texture with letterpress, making this one of the most expensive business cards around.

Deer Embossed Business Card


Wonderful 3D embossed card with a subtle touch of letterpress.

Bloom Creative Business Card


Combining creativity with functionality these cards feature 9 colors of letterpress with a deep impression, white foil stamping, and 3-ply layering. Each card has a unique color backing.

Vintage Business Card


This vintage Letterpress project was produced on paper from the late 1800’s! These cards were produced for Setback and Jukebox will soon provide the ability for people to order cards on real, vintage 100-year-old paper. These will truly be the most unique and original cards. The old style of printing combined with the antique paper makes this piece uniquely special. You can feel and smell the history of these cards and they are the perfect cards for any vintage selling company.

Ice Cream Business Card


This cute ice cream business card was generated with seven colors of letterpress. The color in the design is the result of immense details and pulls of a great retro look.

Pineapple Business Card


The cutest business card, a custom die cut in a pineapple shape with letterpress and gold foil.

Leather Business Card


Letterpress and real leather, a perfect combination. A multi-use as a hang tag that can double as a business card as well.

Seashell Business Card


3D embossed to the shape of a seashell with simple letterpress type. This card may look cute but is very difficult to execute!

Paint Swatches Business Card


his simple, colorful business card doesn’t seem so simple once you realize it was created with 19 different colors of letterpress!

Foxyards Business Card


Another stunning combination of Letterpress and 3D embossing.

Typewriter Business Card


This custom die cut typewriter is the perfect card for an old school writing enthusiast.

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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hate Comic Sans

Comic Sans Designers

The printed word is never naked.

In fact, there is a complete fashion industry around it and we like to call it Typography. Just like our fashion industry, in typography, there are lots of trends, must haves, and of course, fashion statements.

The text you are reading right now, on WebDesignLedger, is dressed in a lovely Helvetica, about 12px large. Although this font looks amazing, there is a different font that I want to talk to you about.

Comic Sans

You probably hate it, and some would agree that you are entitled to do so. Usually, the people who advocate for destroying this font, once and for all, are all the angry designers out there.

 Comic Sans Designers 

Now, every font is different in its own way. Some typefaces have serifs and some don’t. Some are intriguingly neutral, while others are just silly or plain ugly. But there is one typeface that is so silly and so ugly, yet so surprisingly popular, that it has arguably become the most hated font of all time.

I’m not talking about the dreaded “Papyrus” (although that’s a pretty close one). I’m talking about the famous Comic Sans.

Typography Comic Sans

The cringy font used to be the only thing people complained about more than they complained about Justin Bieber, but less frequently than they did about airlines.
Objectively speaking, Comic Sans isn’t really that well-designed, according to the fundamentals of type design. However, most people don’t know the full story behind it, so the font is a little bit misunderstood. You see, Comic Sans was designed with a specific purpose in mind; for a well-defined audience. And it certainly wasn’t supposed to be this popular. In a way, I can safely assume that most people don’t know that much about the font. So I took it upon myself to defend it and present to you three reasons why you shouldn’t hate it.


In 1994, Vincent Connare was working for Microsoft as a Typographic Engineer.
This happened right before the release of Windows 95 (still the best, if you ask me.) Microsoft Bob was one of the coolest features Windows 95 had. It was basically a user-friendly cartoon character for a word processor and some other programs. Bob spoke in speech bubbles. Rumor has it that Melinda Gates herself asked Connare to design a font for the cartoon dog, Microsoft Bob. So he did. Inspired by Marvel comics and by the “Dark Knight Returns”, he found Times New Roman inappropriate and unsuited. Thus, he made a font which better resembled its purpose and looked better in a speech bubble.


Microsoft Bob Comic Sans

“When I designed Comic Sans, there was no expectation of including the font in applications other than those intended for children… Comic Sans was NOT designed as a typeface but as a solution to a problem with the often overlooked part of a computer program’s interface, the typeface used to communicate the message. There was no intention to include the font in other applications other than those designed for children when I designed Comic Sans. The inspiration came at the shock of seeing Times New Roman used in an inappropriate way.”
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