Sketch 3.5.1 Has Been Released


Sketch has recently announced the release of Sketch 3.5, its latest major update that comes with many enhancements and bug fixes, especially in the domain of rendering and performance. Plus, Sketch 3.5 has shortly been followed by a small bug fix, Sketch 3.5.1 

Here is what Sketch 3.5.1 has to offer:

  • Better rendering performance
  • Better caching for multiple blended layers
  • The title of the Artboard now truncates, if too long
  • Sub-pixel anti-aliasing has now been turned off by default
  • You can now export slices in SketchTool using their ID
  • Several bug fixes and other improvements.

This update is free for users with a valid Sketch license, though if you have not already done so, you will need to transition your license, because Sketch is no longer available in the Mac App Store and can now only be purchased from its own site.


Sketch 3.5 requires Mac OS 10.10 or higher to run. Furthermore, as always, Sketch 3.5 files will not be backwards compatible with older versions of Sketch.

Sketch 3.5.1 fixes one minor bug that showed an error when importing PDF or EPS files copied via Illustrator.

Read the detailed notes here.

What do you think of Sketch 3.5.1? Share your views in the comments below.

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30 Of The Best Premium Responsive eCommerce Themes for 2016


These days more and more retailers are establishing their business online. Running an eCommerce website has become an indispensable part of their successful marketing strategy. Since the majority of today’s shoppers prefer to read about their preferred products and compare pricing on the web, a website is the first place that the users will check out before making their final decision whether they need to buy something from you or from a different company. So, as you may appreciate, the way your website is designed and how your products are presented has a great impact on the customers’ decision-making.

If a ready-made website template sounds like a more lucrative solution for you (compared to a custom-made or a self-made design), then you’ve reached the right post. Below you will find 30 of the most appealing and powerful eCommerce themes that could make your store shine in 2016. Look through the compilation of PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce, Opencart, ShopifyVirtueMart and ZenCart themes and, who knows, maybe your dream design is listed somewhere below.

PrestaShop Themes

Styler PrestaShop Theme


Styler is a professionally built PrestaShop template that was designed with the user in mind. A clear and easy-to-follow layout structure makes users focus their attention on the content. The main navigation panel is fixed to the top of the page. Shopping cart, live search and back-to-top functionality also remain in a fixed position in a sticky panel on the right side of the template. The theme features several variations of the home page, product page, product listing, about, and other pages of the theme. Styler runs on a fully responsive framework, comes with a package of PrestaShop modules, detailed documentation and a set of layered PSD files.

Demo | More Info


Tools Market PrestaShop Theme


Tools Market is a clean theme best suited for online stores selling electronics, car parts and accessories, and other products on the web. The template features a sticky MegaMenu, which, to a great extent, facilitates navigation. In order to make it possible to organize plenty of data on one page, grid-based content positioning has been applied. The template is flexible and dynamic. The fully responsive framework will adjust to any screen size and resolution effortlessly. The theme’s fully customizable interface can be tweaked in literally any way that you wish. Thus, with the help of this theme, you will attain a design that matches your brand image perfectly.

Demo | More Info


Lingerie PrestaShop Theme


Lingerie theme is intended to bring a sensual and captivating look to fashion and beauty stores. The layout has been built in light tones, which are so pleasing to the eye. The parallax scrolling effect adds a more interactive look and feel to the theme. Thumbnails have been supplied with the hover effect. Star ratings help the users with decision-making. In addition, the theme includes the Quick View functionality, which allows the online shoppers to look through the key specifications of the desired items without the need to leave the front page.

Demo | More Info


Reebo PrestaShop Theme


Sport related eCommerce websites would look stylish and user-friendly when built with the help of Reebo. This responsive PrestaShop template was developed using valid HTML5 and CSS3 practices, which will make it possible for your web resource to reach the top of search results and appeal to a wider audience. The theme has been made responsive and crossbrowser compatible. Clear product categorization and functional MegaMenu help the users to find the right products in a matter of clicks. Readable fonts and images surrounded by white space make the template so quick and easy to scan.

Demo | More Info


Furniture Responsive PrestaShop Theme


This sleek and stylish PrestaShop template is best suited for design and furniture online stores. Content heavy web resources will work flawlessly when built with its help. The lazy load effect was integrated with the purpose of making your entire site’s data load quickly on multiple devices. The front page of the site has been made informative and functional. Here you will find Quick View, Product List Gallery, Product Badges, Sticky MegaMenu, Ajax Search, and so much more.

Demo | More Info


Computer Store Responsive PrestaShop Theme

computer stopre

Ecommerce sites selling electronics will look smart and usable when developed using iShop as its foundation. The template was created in the classic black and white color palette. Content is surrounded by white space, which brings the store’s items and their descriptions to the forefront. The grid-based content positioning and lazy load effect make it a pleasure to navigate the page. In order to make the users dig deeper into the atmosphere of your site, and better understand its objective, the header has been integrated with a large slider.

Demo | More Info


Hair Care PrestaShop Theme


Creative, grid-based structure of this Hair Care PrestaShop Theme is best suited for beauty and fashion websites. Featuring HTML plus JS animation, the theme’s layout has been enhanced with parallax scrolling, lazy load and cool hover effects. For quicker and more effortless site browsing, the theme has been supplied with MegaMenu, Cloud Zoom, Categories Accordion, Live Search, Online Chat, and a variety of other smart options. Theme Color Switcher is also available to make quick theme adjustments with a click.

Demo | More Info

These were some of the most popular PrestaShop themes that we recommend you to try. Coming packed with a full array of options, all of them can be customized to fit any of your eCommerce projects. If you would like to take a look at more stunning PrestaShop designs, welcome to the gallery.

Magento Themes

Ketty Clothing Magento Theme


This Magento theme features a neutral color palette, which helps to bring the store’s products to the visitor’s attention. Responsive and functional, the theme comes loaded with advanced functionality, which will make it a pleasure both to customize and browse a site built with its help. The front page has been designed with the purpose of captivating the users’ attention with the store’s offerings. A large hero slider with bold banners placed below it, an easy-to-scan product list, as well as readable blog highlights, are intended to encourage your audience to become interested in your project.

Demo | More Info


Garden Furniture Magento Theme


Garden Furniture is an eye-pleasing Magento theme that will be a perfect foundation for interior and exterior design sites. Fully customizable, crossbrowser compatible and 100% responsive, it can be adjusted to fit any of your eCommerce projects. The theme’s pack comes loaded with an array of advanced options like custom page templates, layered PSD, commenting system, social options, newsletter subscription form, social integration, online chat, and much more.

Demo | More Info


T-Shirts Magento Theme


Designed in clean style, this responsive Magento theme will become a rock-solid foundation for your fashion store. The user-friendly layout was created with a focus on details. The theme is rich in visuals, which allows you to showcase your store’s products in a captivating way. A full-width header slider, product banners placed right below it, a grid-based list of featured products and a slider featuring a list of brands that you have on offer, are all intended to provide the users with a seamless online shopping experience.

Demo | More Info


Online Warehouse Magento Theme

Warehouse Magento Theme

The theme is best suited for electronics online stores. The layout of the theme was made simple and intuitive in navigation. The product categories have been organized into a sidebar MegaMenu. For the users’ convenience, the store’s products were supplied with badges and star ratings, which appear on the mouse-over. The home page of the theme features a Quick View option, a list of brands that you have on offer, social sharing options, newsletter subscription form, and more.

Demo | More Info


Stilex Magento Theme


Stilex is a responsive Magento template that was designed in a way that will make your eCommerce project leave competitors behind. Optimized for all types of browsers and devices, it will make your site look sharp and stylish on the retina ready screens. The layout is photo-centric. The theme’s header is enhanced with a fancy slider. Right below it, there are several bold banners enhanced with the hover effect. Shopping cart, live search and social sharing options remain in a sticky position on the right side of the layout.

Demo | More Info


Business Card Printing Magento Theme


The flat style of this theme is best suited for setting up a business related web resource. Clean and minimalist, with the clever use of white space, the layout of this theme is pleasing to the eye and easy to follow. The store’s products are put front and center. Organized into a grid-based list, all products are enhanced with star ratings, badges and clear pricing details. The newsletter subscription form is placed on the parallax scrolling background image, which makes it more noticeable.

Demo | More Info

These were 6 of the most outstanding Magento themes. If you want to see more, follow this link.

OpenCart Themes

Electronic Store OpenCart Template


The clean and neat design of this theme is well suited for electronics eCommerce sites. Lazy load effect, with which the theme’s layout comes loaded, is intended to make your site load fast on any device. Content heavy web resources can benefit from this feature. Categories menu, specials and best sellers have been organized in the left sidebar. Each item is supplied with a star rating and pricing details. “Sale” and “New” badges have been added to the store’s products, providing online shoppers with more effortless decision-making.

Demo | More Info


Clothing for Everyone OpenCart Template


This clothing shop OpenCart template was designed to make your site shine. Photos of products on offer are the focus of attention. For more convenient site browsing, different types of products have been divided by means of the full-width background images, which were enhanced with the parallax scrolling effect. With the purpose of drawing the shoppers’ attention to calls-to-action, pricing details and other data, the theme’s developers made use of vibrant coral hues. Content hierarchy is achieved thanks to fonts of different sizes and colors.

Demo | More Info

Infant Clothing Store OpenCart Template


The bright and cheerful layout of this theme is best suited for online stores selling kids’ clothing, toys and gifts. The design features elements of the metro style. Categories MegaMenu was moved to the theme’s left sidebar. Below it you will find a list of brands and a newsletter subscription form, which were visually highlighted by means of the bold colored heading. In order to save on space and present more items on the front page of the theme, a filterable gallery was placed right below the block of product banners.

Demo | More Info

Electronic Store OpenCart Template


The parallax scrolling effect adds more depth to the clean and clear layout of this Electronics Store theme. Designed with pale and easy on the eyes white and blue colors, the template is best suited for eCommerce projects selling tech gear, tools and accessories. If you wish, you can adjust it to fit any other niche via the customizable admin panel. Products on the front page of the theme have been organized into two blocks of featured and special items. Each offering is supplied with a badge, short description, clear pricing details and thumbnails with the hover effect.

Demo | More Info

OpenCart themes gallery is so rich and diverse that it is impossible to include, in one post, all of the designs that appealed to us. If you want to see more, welcome to the collection.

Shopify Themes

Spice Shop Responsive Shopify Theme


The header of the Spice Shop theme has been enhanced with an eye-catching large hero image, which helps to introduce the audience to your business more effectively. In addition, the theme includes a functional MegaMenu that stays fixed to the top as a user navigates through the pages. To make it easier for the shoppers to come up with the desired type of spices, the latter have been organized into a grid-based list of banners.

Demo | More Info

Baby Store Responsive Shopify Theme


The theme looks very interactive and playful. Bold colors, parallax scrolling images and the store’s products and other elements with hover effect, make the theme look both captivating and visually pleasing. For a more effective product presentation, the theme has been loaded with sliders, galleries, audio and video support. MegaMenu is sticky. Fully customizable, all of its elements can be tweaked to fit your business perfectly.

Demo | More Info

Hundreds of other stunning Shopify themes are just a click away. Go and check them out.

ZenCart Themes

Housewares Responsive ZenCart Template


The minimalist style of this theme, with the main focus on the store’s products, will make a kitchen supplies eCommerce site both functional and user-friendly. Placed on a pure white background, vivid green design elements serve as great attention grabbers. The theme’s layout has been enhanced with the lazy load effect, which lets the site load faster on any device. Running on a fully responsive framework, all of the theme’s elements will adjust effortlessly to any screen on which they are being viewed.

Demo | More Info

Apparel Responsive ZenCart Template


A fashion store will look sleek, stylish and professional when built with the help of this fully featured Apparel ZenCart template. The clean and minimalist layout makes clever use of white space, which draws the user’s attention to the products that you have on offer. The template was designed in a way that lets online shoppers start making purchases right from the main page. A list of product banners, and visually separated featured products with hover effect, are all well-balanced and easy-to-scan.

Demo | More Info

Stylish Online Shop Zencart Template


The theme was designed with the user in mind. The site’s usability is our focus of attention here. The layout of the template is not overwhelmed by the heavy design elements. A drop-down sidebar categories menu, a list of special offerings placed right below it, neat and easy to reach social sharing options, a grid-based list of featured products, and live search added in the place where it’s expected to be found – all these and a whole lot of other elements are intended to turn your site into a powerful eCommerce platform.

Demo | More Info

Looking for more stunning ZenCart themes? Then this gallery is just for you.

WooCommerce Themes

Monstroid WordPress Theme


Monstroid is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that comes with full WooCommerce support. The variety of features that have been added to its pack is impressive. Intended for those users who are new to web design as well as those who have already launched a host of cool web projects, the theme is easy to install and use. It runs on Cherry Framework 4 and includes all the features of the latter. In addition, Monstroid owners get unlimited access to a gallery of child themes, which is updated with a whole lot of new designs on the regular basis.

Demo | More Info


Natural Foods WooCommerce Theme


The theme looks fresh and inspiring. The chosen clean color scheme with the use of vivid green design elements is perfectly suited for natural foods sites. The layout makes use of the retina ready visuals, which will make your store’s products shine on any device. Quality thumbnails and the parallax scrolling images immediately catch the users’ eye once they land on your page. With the purpose of making it easier for the shoppers to find the necessary item, all goods on the front page have been organized into two big blocks of Popular and New Arrivals. Over and above that, each item is supplied with a badge, hover effect that reveals CTA on the mouse-over, Quick View feature, and star ratings.

Demo | More Info

Motorsports Store WooCommerce Theme


The first thing that visitors will notice when reaching a website built with the help of this theme is a captivating large hero area featuring a full-width video background. The theme was built in neutral colors, which are so pleasing to the eye. A tile-based block of banners placed below the header video reveals all the basic product categories in an easy-to-follow way. Featured products have been visually separated from the rest of the content on the front page by means of the full-width background images with the parallax scrolling effect. Google map was also integrated into the design and placed at the bottom of the front page.

Demo | More Info

Gifts Shop WooCommerce Theme


Gifts, toys, fashion and beauty shops will look amazing when built with this theme. Its layout was designed in a clean and clear way, with the information that is worthy of special attention highlighted with bold colours. For example, in order to make pricing details more eye-catching, you can place these on the multi-colored banners on the front page of your site. CTAs were made large and vivid. Each product preview features a functional hover effect, which makes the site more user-friendly.

Demo | More Info

Traditionally, at the end of each block, we provide a link to a richer selection of WooCommerce themes for multiple niches.

VirtueMart Themes

Wegy Joomla Template


Much like Monstroid, Wegy is a functional multi-purpose theme that can be used for literally any web project that you have in mind. An online store is no exception. The template features full VirtueMart support and comes with a set of pre-designed product pages, which are ready to go live out of the box. The theme is lightweight and fast to load. A fully responsive framework guarantees seamless adjustment to any screen size.

Demo | More Info

Car Spares VirtueMart Template


This theme looks different from the rest of the eCommerce solutions selling car parts and accessories. While keeping the store’s products the focus of attention, it is visually pleasing through the use of an effective visual presentation. The parallax scrolling backgrounds, retina ready images, bold canary yellow colors, circular and sharp-edged design elements create a perfect harmony on the site.

Demo | More Info

Extreme Sports Responsive VirtueMart Template

extreme sports

The theme will be a perfect fit for those eCommerce projects that deal with selling goods for any sport, travel and active lifestyle. In order to make the audience literally feel the atmosphere of your site, the background has been enhanced with a neutral black and white photo taken somewhere on the top of a mountain. The header slider and quality product images enhance the appeal. The site’s navigation has been made intuitive and user-friendly. The main navigation bar is fixed to the top. Featured products have been organized into clearly defined blocks. Vivid red colors draw the users’ attention to CTAs and other information that matter the most.

Demo | More Info

Clothes VirtueMart Template


The theme is focused on the effective presentation of outfits on the web. In order for nothing to distract the users’ attention from your store’s offerings, the design is not overloaded with heavy elements. The header slider, banners and thumbnails on the front page of the theme are all intended to captivate the users’ attention and motivate them to make a purchase right from the home page. Ajax shopping cart, live search, categories accordion, cloud zoom, dropdown menu, grid and list based content positioning, and a variety of other cool options, have been integrated into the theme with the purpose of providing your audience with an enjoyable online shopping experience.

Demo | More Info

Do you want to see more cool VirtueMart templates? Follow the link for more web design inspiration.

*** *** ***

These were 30 awesome and powerful eCommerce themes that impressed us the most. All varying in their style, functionality and use, the templates come complete with all specifications that you will need for a quick start. Additionally, there will be no need to invest time thinking about the design of product pages since all these have been created for you. Just replace the default content with your products and your site is ready to go.

Have you ever come across other stunning eCommerce themes that could have been mentioned in this post? Feel free to share your thoughts with us below.

By the way, if you are looking for a free educational resource with guides and useful recommendations for the novice web developers, Startup Hub is ready to provide you with comprehensive answers to the most popular questions.

Read More at 30 Of The Best Premium Responsive eCommerce Themes for 2016

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The Vital Guide To User Interface (UI) Design Interviewing


While UX Designers are in charge of the overall functionality of the product, User Interface (UI) Designers are mainly concerned about how the product is laid out, and what the product’s visual communication elements are.

For example, a UI designer will make sure every page, screen or other step that a user will experience is designed within the path that the UX designer has created. They are also responsible for maintaining the overall consistency and implementing style guides across the whole visual communication of the product.

What’s the difference between UI and UX design? This distinction is often lost on many people.

What’s the difference between UI and UX design? This distinction is often lost on many people.

Another crucial difference is that, unlike UX designers, it’s not unusual for UI designers to have a good grasp of front-end development and coding skills. This is because they are responsible for actually building interactive interfaces, not just designing them based on what UX designers intend.

The Challenge

From the confusion that many have about the difference between UX and UI, it’s not a big surprise to see companies hiring one person to fill both shoes. This guide will help you clarify the differences between these two design practices and help you understand how to identify your new ideal UI designer.

User interface designer job postings tend to only include information about what the employer thinks a UI designer is, going in two opposite directions.

The first direction is thinking of user interface designers as their overall graphic designers. This leads to assigning such tasks as branding, illustrations and even print design.

The other direction ends up recruiting UI designers to do what UX designers do. This happens when employers don’t know the difference between the two, or for financial reasons: Hiring a two-in-one designer.

Needless to say, neither of these extremes is the correct way to look at your potential UI designer, and that, in fact, is the current challenge of the industry.

Luke Wroblewski, a Google Product Designer, explains it:

“Information architecture defines the structure of information. Interaction design lets people manipulate and contribute to that information. Visual design communicates these possibilities to people. The user interface is the sum of all these things.”

As you, hopefully, understand by now, UX designer and UI designer are two completely different roles and one person should not be hired to do both.

User Interface (UI) Designer Interview Questions

Responsibilities and requirements for UI designers are always expanding and changing, just like any other technology related job. So, here is a list of interview questions that your next UI designer should be familiar with and should be able to answer without confusion or surprise.

Q: Why is wireframing important? Do you use/create wireframes yourself?

In most teams, it will be the UX designer’s job to create wireframes once s/he has gathered necessary user information and data. Though it does not mean that your UI designer will not know anything about wireframing, because, in a lot of teams, it’s still a UI designer (or both) whose responsibility it is to create wireframes. After all, every UI designer has to know how to “read” and understand a wireframe given to them.

When asked the above question, your prospective UI designer should give an answer along the lines of the following:

A wireframe is ultimately a visualization tool or blueprint to present stages, steps, functions, structure and content of a web page, site or screen. Wireframes are intended to be simple and basic, lacking such design elements as typography, color or graphics, because the number one purpose for wireframes is to represent functionality.

Q: How do you implement prototyping in your workflow?

Similarly to wireframing, prototyping is, more often than not, provided by the UX designer. Therefore, any UI designer should be aware of why prototyping takes place, and how to utilize it, in the workflow.

Put simply, prototyping is for design exploration and time saving purposes. To make sure UI designers don’t waste their time designing and redesigning specific user interactions, prototypes are used to create mockups of how design elements will be used.

Prototypes allow UI designers to identify any potential issues that might come in conflict with what the UX designer or architect has intended.

Q: How do you collaborate with UX Designer(s) and Developer(s)?

Your prospective user-interface designer should feel comfortable answering this question, mainly because both UX and UI designers are design focused, so quite often they understand each other without much explanation.

When UI designers need to adjust, change, add or remove something provided by UX designer, they should focus their communication on wireframes, UI elements, personas and on how it will affect the entire user journey. UI and UX designers should also test the product and give feedback to the developer during development stages.

Q: What is Aesthetic-Usability Effect?

This is a phenomenon that states that a good-looking design will always be perceived as more usable than one that is less appealing, even though that might not be the case.

This phenomenon was demonstrated by two researchers, Kaori Kashimura and Masaaki Kurosu, in their study at Hitachi in Tokyo. They asked test participants to rate the beauty and usability of interfaces. The final study results proved that even when trying to evaluate the interface in its functional aspects, the user would still end up strongly affected by the aesthetic aspect of the interface.

A good UI designer will keep in mind that this effect might easily influence a user’s opinion more than expected. This, in turn, might affect a user’s behavior and their perception of how easy it is to use the designed system.

Q: What is Atomic Design and Its five components?

This is a fairly recent, yet widely recognized methodology introduced by Brad Frost in 2013. Atomic Design was created to design interfaces that focus on designing elements and their combinations, rather than designing web pages one by one. This is a basic explanation of what this methodology was created for. Knowing all five of its components should give your prospective designer some golden bonus points.

  • Atoms: These are the smallest and most basic building blocks. These are applied to web interfaces as labels, input fields, text boxes, buttons, etc. They can also contain color, palettes, fonts, etc.
  • Molecules: When atoms are combined, we get molecules: groups of atoms, bonded together that are the smallest fundamental units of a compound. Molecules can take on their own properties, too.
  • Organisms: Organisms are formed by using molecules as our building blocks. When molecules are joined together, it becomes a relatively complex and distinct section of an interfaces that has been created: an organism.
  • Templates: This stage should already make sense to clients. Understandably, templates are mostly groups of organisms put together to form pages. This is the stage that allows us to see things, such as layouts, coming together.
  • Pages: This is used as specific instances of templates to give a precise understanding of what the final output will look like. Pages ultimately become the highest level of fidelity, which allows UX and UI designers, together, to test the effectiveness of the design system.

Q: How do you make sure you stay up-to-date with industry standards?

Digital design is always changing; its standards are always improving. So, the worst mistake your prospective designer could do is be out-of-date with the industry s/he represents.

A good answer to this question would include the candidate’s favorite resources, books, blogs, podcasts or YouTube channels s/he keeps an eye on for the latest industry information. It would also be useful to hear of designers that inspire the candidate. A good designer knows that there’s never enough inspiration, never enough creativity resources and never enough to know and learn; therefore, you would want to see your prospective designer “light up” at this question.

Q: What is Call To Action (CTA)? Should a UI Designer care about it?

CTA is one of the most important, if not the most important, element of why websites, platforms, applications and digital interfaces are created. In short, it’s an element that will prompt a user to take a certain, desired action; actions such as buying products, downloading reports, sharing content, donating money, and so on. Part of the UX designer’s wireframe and prototype should identify the Call To Action that, ideally, will persuade users to engage.

A good UI designer should always notice CTA indications and should make sure that it gets a lot of attention when designing this element. Most of the time, it requires a specific and, more prominent color styling, different size, typography, placement and alignment, all of which UI designers control.

Q: How much do you know about color theory and color psychology?

Answering this question should never be a problem to a good UI designer. This is foundational thinking. Color theory is, basically, a set of guidelines and laws that are intended to trigger emotions, set moods and guide someone’s attention by using colors in very specific ways.

Essentially, color theory and psychology consist of two color groups: warm colors and cool colors. Warm colors, such as orange, yellow and red, are known to awaken enthusiasm, energy, positivity and happiness. Cool colors, green, purple and blue, create a trustworthy, calm, relaxing and peaceful environment.

Individual colors, too, have their own inherent abilities to awaken certain emotions. For example, red conveys the suggestion of danger, caution and hazard.

All in all, a good UI designer will always use the power of color theory and color psychology to strengthen the desired message.

Q: What are your thoughts on user-interface (UI) style guides?

In answering this question, your candidate should cover such aspects as: What is a UI style guide, why was it created, what it is used for? What experiences has the candidate had when using style guides?

Similarly to Atomic Design, UI style guides are created, used and maintained to ensure consistency across a product, web site, applications or any other type of design project with different interface stages.

Style guides cover everything from branding, colors, typography, layouts to a set of standards specifically designed for a particular company. They are used to improve work efficiency across teams, and make new member’s onboarding process simpler, more effective and agile.

Q: How important do you think element mapping is in the work you do?

Every good UI designer will design elements considering their shape, form, size, color, location and alignment. This means that your candidate should understand that element mapping is a crucial part of the design work.

Simply explained, mapping is the implied relationship between controls and their effects. If an element creates an effect that the user expects, then the element has good mapping.

For example, think about a set of images aligned horizontally that can be moved to the left or right. Underneath should be controls or buttons indicating that these images can be moved to either side. To move the images to the left side you would expect to click on the button aligned with the left side. Therefore, actually aligning this button to the left would, indeed, match the user’s expectations, which means this element has good mapping.

Q: What is Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

Sometimes, designers create ego-centric work. It happens when all the UX requirements are met by the UI designer, but s/he continues adding design work to use his or her creativity, or to test out new practices, or to add elements that the designer feels are necessary, based on taste and preferences.

MVP works the opposite way; it means creating and designing a basic version of a product that early adopters can use or buy. The main goal is to bring the product to the market as soon as possible without any non-essential features.

Additional features and design elements are added based on the feedback of real users rather than a designer’s ideas and assumptions. Many of the world’s most popular products have been developed using MVP practice; Twitter is an example.

Q: Do you think Mobile-First Design is effective, and why?

Ideally, your candidate will explain that when Responsive Web Design (RWD) was introduced and gained popularity, Mobile-First Design practice was created to make the designer’s job more effective and efficient.

In this practice, designing starts from the smallest anticipated screen size and only then follow with enhancement on larger screen sizes. This approach saves time and increases a designer’s efficiency; when the design process starts with a large screen, designers tend to get into difficulty later trying to place elements onto smaller screens.

Q: How do you apply Ockham’s Razor to your design work?

This principle is as simple as the Pareto Principle (also known as 80 / 20 rule). It simply says that whenever we have to make a decision between two options, the simplest should be selected.

UI designers use Ockham’s Razor when choosing between two designs or two design elements with the same function. Simplicity should always be chosen over complexity. Or in other words, s/he needs to choose the option which makes fewer assumptions.

Q: What is your personal experience with Participatory Design?

If not describing personal experience, your prospective UI designer should, at least, tell you in his or her own words what Participatory Design is and what it is used for.

Essentially, this term means having everyone (employees, partners, customers, stakeholders, end-users)involved in the design process to make sure that the end product matches their needs, expectations and can be freely used by them.

Q: When do you use Style Tiles?

Style tiles are similar to Atomic Design methodology, prototypes, wireframes or style guides. Style tiles are there to make it easier for the client (end-user) to understand what the initial website, product or application will look like. Style tiles are thought of as something between a mood board and a mockup.

In fact, they are often used to replace the traditional first mockups. In most cases, style tiles are generated very early in the design lifecycle, certainly earlier than mockups. Style tiles are also known for getting a better sense of feedback sooner.

Q: How Visual Weight should be used effectively?

Just like Call To Action (CTA) and Color Theory, Visual Weight is part of the fundamental knowledge a UI designer should have. Visual weight means giving a design element “power” to stand out and get user’s attention.

Not all elements have the same amount of “heaviness”. For example, CTA elements are more important than a simple label or an abstract image. Giving higher levels of “heavy” to certain elements are usually achieved by using contrast.

This isn’t necessarily a contrast of colors; it can be contrast of placement or size, too. A CTA button might look larger (or heavier) simply because it is designed to take up more space than surrounding elements. This puts more visual weight (more importance) on the CTA button.

Q: Can you walk me through your design decisions?

And finally, a great question to determine if your new designer knows how to make good design decisions. Ask the candidate to look at his or her portfolio, or a live product, website or application, that s/he designed, and walk you through while describing different aspects and elements.

Ideally, you should expect to hear the designer’s reasons for why s/he decided to give buttons a certain size, shape, color, placement and alignment. All design thinking should be revealed by this question. It would show that everything s/he designs is intentional, not experimental or accidental.

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Adobe Voice Now Comes To iPhone


Adobe Voice is now available for all iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad, and you can download it from the App Store.

Adobe Voice is a popular tool that lets you create animated videos within minutes. You can select from a selection of images, add cinematic effects and soundtrack, and share your work easily with users. 

The iPhone version of Adobe Voice, much like all other Adobe products, syncs online with your Adobe account, so that you can use your projects on any device, as long as you are logged in to your Adobe Voice account.

So far, Adobe Voice had been available for iPad, but not iPhone. With over 3.5 million downloads, the popularity of this app is no secret and as such, it is only natural that iPhone users too can now make full use of it.

You can find Adobe Voice in the App Store. You will need iOS version 8 at least, and it can be run on iPad, iPhone or even iPod Touch.

Alternatively, to learn more about it, visit the Adobe Voice homepage.

Have you given Adobe Voice a spin yet? Share your views in the comments below.

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Rust 1.6 Has Been Released


The latest release of Rust programming language is out, and developers can now upgrade to Rust 1.6

Rust is a popular systems programming language, and the latest version claims to focus on speed, stability and good performance. 

Rust 1.6 is a stable release, and it comes with almost 1000 new patches. The standard library is now two-tiered: there is a small core library, libcore, and built on top of it is the standard full library, libstd. To help you understand the difference between the two, here is how the Rust blog defines it all:

libcore is completely platform agnostic, and requires only a handful of external symbols to be defined. Rust’s libstd builds on top of libcore, adding support for memory allocation, I/O, and concurrency. Applications using Rust in the embedded space, as well as those writing operating systems, often eschew libstd, using only libcore.


Furthermore, Rust 1.6 also makes changes to many functions, and almost 30 methods are now fully stable.

You can follow Rust programming language on GitHub.

Are you a Rust developer? Share your views about the newest version in the comments below.

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20 Business Consulting WordPress Themes for 2016

3 business wp theme

The beginning of the New Year is the best time for new achievements. That’s why we have decided to share a handpicked compilation of 20 ready-made WordPress themes for consulting companies, businesses and financial organizations, which will make it so much easier to get your project live on the Internet. All running on a fully responsive framework, these premium and free solutions can adapt flawlessly to any screen size and resolution on which they are being viewed. Gone are the times when you need to create a separate mobile version of your website. Now all this and much more can be done thanks to the implementation of smart web technologies, most of which were integrated into the following 20 themes.

So, please welcome the compilation of free and premium Business Consulting WordPress Themes and enjoy your read!

Premium Consulting WordPress Themes

1. FAA

1 business wordpress theme

FAA is one of the most popular and frequently downloaded WordPress themes for consulting and financial agencies from TemplateMonster. The template comes loaded with everything that you will need to make your business look professional. The header was made more appealing and captivating with the help of the full-width video featuring parallax scrolling effect. In order to let your audience focus primarily on the content, the design was made simple and minimalist. In terms of the content positioning, the theme’s developers made use of a grid-based structure. Cherry Framework 3.1.5, which is at the core of the theme, makes it a pleasure to install and customize.
Demo | More info

2.Financial Bureau

2 consulting wordpress theme
Financial Bureau looks sleek and stylish. Its layout is all focused on the effective presentation of your offerings to the online audience. Just like the previous theme, the header of this template was enhanced with the parallax scrolling effect. To make your site more functional and interactive, banners and thumbnails have been enhanced with the hover effect. Lazy load effect was integrated in order to ensure fast loading speeds of any content heavy web resources. Neat icons and featured content were organized in a grid-based list.
Demo | More info

3. Financial Advisor

3 business wp theme
Financial Advisor was developed specifically for business related websites. Running on the latest Cherry Framework 4, the theme is proud to have a fully responsive, customizable layout, which looks sharp on any screen size. MotoPress Content Editor was also included in the pack in order to guarantee quick and seamless modification of the layout. The theme comes with audio and video integration. Video background support will make your official web page more captivating.
Demo | More info

4. PROvise

4 business wordpress template
PROvise is SEO-friendly and a fully responsive template running on Cherry Framework 3. The layout features a neutral color scheme of light blue and white colors, which are known as the best choice for business websites that want to appeal to a wide audience. The clean design of the template has been enhanced with the parallax scrolling effect, which is intended to add the feeling of depth to the page. For quicker and seamless modification, the pack includes several pre-designed pages, a detailed documentation folder, sliced PSD files, widgets support, and so much more.
Demo | More info

5.Consulting Co

5 wp theme
Consulting Co was made information heavy, yet functional. When visiting the front page of a site built with its help, the users will be introduced to the whole array of services that your company offers, a quick but detailed overview of your company’s biggest priorities, a list of your staff, and so much more. In order to make it easier for your visitors to reach your physical location, the theme has been integrated with Google map. In order to look more trustworthy in the eyes of your online audience, a list of partners was added to the front page of the template. If you wish to tweak the design or content positioning, this can easily be achieved via the fully featured admin panel.
Demo | More info

6. Sandman

6 business wp template
Sandman is a user-friendly and easy to navigate WordPress theme. Best suited for consulting companies, it will work well for business and financial organizations. Featuring a design that is classic for such web projects, the template looks trustworthy and inspiring. Its navigation bar is fixed to the top of the page, which allows your site’s visitors to access the rest of the pages with a click. HTML plus JS animation give you the freedom to manage the look and feel of the template just the way you wish. The parallax scrolling and lazy load effects not only provide for better visual appeal, but also enhance the usability of the theme.
Demo | More info


7 business and consulting wp theme

Brian’s is a clean theme that will work well for consulting, business and financial websites. It features a full-width header slider, which is intended to draw users’ eyes to your hottest offers, products or services in a breathtaking manner. The theme features elements of metro style and lots of white space, which makes content more readable. Different pieces of information have been divided by means of over-sized headings written on the colored backgrounds.
Demo | More info

8. Consulting Company

8 business and consulting wp template

Consulting Company WordPress template captivates with its minimalist, yet functional, layout. In addition to the traditional list of company news, services and the latest blog updates, the theme includes a stunning photo gallery and several usable sliders, which will let you appeal to every reader. Content blocks are separated by means of the full-width photo backgrounds featuring the parallax scrolling effect. Thanks to full social integration, people will appreciate the ease with which they can spread the word about their preferred services on the web.
Demo | More info

9. The Leader

9 business consulting wp theme

The Leader is a professionally built business WordPress template that comes loaded with an array of options to create a rock-solid online presentation of your project. The header of the theme has been enhanced with a parallax scrolling large hero image. In order to make your site more usable, the horizontal navigation panel remains in a fixed position at the top of the page as a user navigates through your content. Icons and images with the hover effect, add more interactivity to the design. Grid-based content positioning provide for a seamless scanning of the page, which makes it easier for your audience to come across the desired information in an instant.
Demo | More info

10. Success

10 business and consulting wordpress theme

Success looks different from the rest of the templates in this collection. While the aforementioned designs are best suited for official company pages, this WordPress theme will work well for business blogs and news portals. The layout was built in an interactive yet easy to browse manner, which allows you to share loads of different types of content on the page. Filter, portfolio page, galleries and sliders were all integrated with the purpose of enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of your web resource.
Demo |More info

11. Essperto

11 business wordpress template

Essperto is a fully featured business WordPress template running on Cherry Framework 4. The latter is known for its ease of installation and customization. By default, the theme comes loaded with an array of shortcodes, which make post editing a breeze. In addition, the theme includes a Shortcode Template Editor, a feature from which all developers can benefit. With its help you can create and manage custom shortcodes that will work on your site specifically. In addition, the pack includes several premium plugins (like MotoPress Editor and MotoPress Slider) which the theme’s owners can use for free.
Demo | More info

12. Bingo Biz

12 corporate wp theme

Bingo Biz. was specifically developed in order to attract more clients to your business and turn accidental visitors into loyal customers. The home page features enough space to share different types of content about your business. Here you will find clearly defined blocks for representing your services and staff, company story, a filterable portfolio with case studies, user testimonials, etc. Best suited for content heavy web resources, the theme includes the lazy load effect. With its help you will have no problem with the page loading speeds. What’s more, the theme is enhanced with advanced Bootstrap functionality, which ensures seamless page adaptation to any screen size.
Demo |More info

13. Empire Investment

13 corporate wordpress theme

Empire Investment was designed in a clean style with the purpose of drawing the user’s attention to your site’s content. Vivid red calls-to-action placed on the light background also serve as great attention-grabbers. Just like the rest of the templates on this list, Empire Investment was made responsive and cross-browser compatible. Coming with WPML support, the theme is ready to be translated into as many languages as you wish. In terms of navigation, everything was made simple and intuitive. A sticky dropdown menu, grid-based content positioning and back-to-top functionality were all integrated into the theme.
Demo | More info

14. Gitex

14 business wordpress theme

Gitex is a financial advisor WordPress template, which was designed to look sharp on the latest-generation devices, both desktop and handheld. Running on the latest Cherry Framework 4, the theme includes all the benefits of the latter and much more. The parallax scrolling effect was added to the background images of the theme. The clear and easy on the eyes color scheme provides for seamless and more enjoyable site browsing. When reaching a website powered by such a template, the users won’t be irritated by the heavy design elements. Traditionally, the template is fully customizable, so you can apply any changes via the advanced admin panel or use the MotoPress Content Editor in order to speed up the process.
Demo | More info

15. Human Rights

15 wp theme for a cnsulting company

Human Rights is a business WordPress template that is powered by Cherry Framework 4 and is compatible with the latest WordPress versions. The functionality, with which the theme comes loaded, can be managed by both beginner and pro developers. Such options as Cherry Installation Wizard, a pack of shortcodes for multiple purposes, MotoPress Content Editor, Shortcode Template Editor, and a host of other smart features will make it possible to tweak the template just the way you wish.
Demo | More info

16. Smartex

16 wp consulting theme

Smartex can adapt to any given role. Intended to suit business and corporate sites, it will work well for consulting, investment, software, communication, transportation or almost any other kind of web project. Cherry Framework 4 has brought advanced functionality to the theme’s dashboard, making it possible even for the novice user to apply changes to the design. Customization requires no risk. You can return to the default theme settings at any step of its modification.
Demo | More info

Free Consulting WordPress Themes

1. New Group

17 wp theme

Even though New Group is a free WordPress theme, in terms of design and functionality it doesn’t lag behind the premium solutions. Its visual presentation will be a perfect fit for any business project. The users will experience the feeling of depth when navigating the site’s pages, which feature parallax scrolling background images. The lazy load effect has also been integrated into the theme. This option will be of special use to the content heavy web resources. Image hover effect was added just to bring more interactivity to the template, and give users an opportunity to discover more data about your services without the need to leave for a different page.
Demo | Download

2. Globaly

18 consulting wordpress theme

Globaly was developed in the best traditions of clean design style. The layout doesn’t feature anything extra or anything that would distract the user’s attention from understanding your business, its objectives and services. Built with valid HTML and CSS practices in mind, the theme features HTML plus JS animation, and will run properly on any device that your audience prefers. In addition, the theme is compatible with all the latest WordPress versions, so you may be certain that your site will remain competitive in the market for a long time.
Demo | Download

3. Business

19. Business WordPress theme

The next freebie was developed by As the name implies, Business WordPress theme is best suited for any kind of business that you run. Both small-to-large-sized projects can benefit from its design. Created in the minimalist style, it brings the site’s content to the forefront perfectly. The main page of the theme looks uncluttered. All that you will find here is a carousel slider placed at the center of the page, accompanied by a couple of words about the company, contact details and the navigation bar, of course.
Demo | Download

4. Lawyeria Lite

20 Lawyeria Lite

Lawyeria Lite was designed and developed by Codeinwp. The theme is best suited for a small business site or a personal blog. The layout looks rather simple yet easy to navigate. The pack doesn’t include loads of pre-designed pages. All that the Lite version includes are the Home, About, Parent and Sub-parent pages. One of the greatest advantages of the theme is its fully responsive layout, which will run smoothly across all the modern devices.
Demo | Download

These were 20 of our most preferred premium and free Consulting WordPress themes. Why do we recommend trying them? Well, most of these solutions can be managed by both novice and pro developers. Freebies will become a great starting point on your way to discovering all the latest trends and achievements in the world of web design, whereas premium designs will help you to design like a pro.

By the way, if you are new to the field of web design or you are only planning to start your first online project, the following resource will be of great value to you. Startup Hub is an online library with an array of useful recommendations by skilled web design pros who will introduce you to specific terminology and provide answers to the most discussed questions.

That’s it for today. As ever, you are welcome to share your thoughts about the aforementioned designs and provide suggestions on the other themes that you think are worthy of being mentioned here.

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14 WordPress Themes For Designing Stunning Websites in 2016



Finding just the right theme to suit your needs takes time and effort. We’ve done most of the hard work for you by narrowing the field down to 14 top-quality themes; themes that could make 2016 a winning year for you. Our list features multipurpose themes, eCommerce oriented themes, a couple of specialty themes, and one free theme.

Each of these themes is worth looking into. Rather than spending your time looking at dozens of possible candidates, you can spend it exploring themes guaranteed to bring surefire results.


Enfold WordPress Theme


            Enfold is a premium multipurpose WordPress theme. It is also a ThemeForest best-rated top seller. It features everything needed to create top-quality websites. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or a longtime pro at website building. Enfold is an excellent choice, no matter what your level of experience may be.

Enfold’s demos will get you off to a quick start, and its user-friendly editor will help you move along at a rapid pace until your website is finished. Its many powerful features make website-building a straightforward task, and a fun one at that.

A demo takes but a single click to install after which you can immediately begin the editing and page-building process. You can even combine different elements from different demos. If you prefer, you can start from scratch and create your own layout. Whichever route you take, Enfold makes creating a website a quick and easy task, and the result will be a website you can take great pride in.




            Be Theme is another premium multipurpose WordPress theme that is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced users alike. Be justifiably claims to be the biggest WordPress theme ever. Its claim to fame resides it its collection of over 160 pre-built websites, more than 100 of which are multiple-page websites. Coupled with Be’s 40 powerful core features, these pre-built websites can get your website building projects off to a lightning-fast start. You’ll find yourself turning out finished websites, whether they are simple or complex, in record times.

Users love the Muffin Builder 3 page builder, and Visual Composer fans like the fact that they can continue using their favorite page builder on Be if they so desire. Visit Be’s website to find out more about this popular theme. Browse through the pre-built websites, and view a demo.


X Theme


            X Theme has been ThemeForest’s fastest selling product for some time, which suggests its authors must be doing something right. They have in fact been doing a lot of things right, which is why we’ve added this multipurpose WordPress theme to our list. The reasons for this theme’s popularity are many, but two have to do with recent X Theme releases. Version 3.0 incorporated an excellent selection of valuable plugins, and the highlight of Version 4.0 was the introduction of Cornerstone, a modern, innovative, and intuitive frontend page builder/editor.

With X Theme, you can create any type of website you want. It is also an excellent choice for creating blogs, eCommerce sites, portfolios, and one page websites. We suggest you pay a visit to the X Theme website to see what this excellent product can do for you.




As its name implies, Shopkeeper was created with eCommerce functionality in mind. It has all of the features needed to open an online store. While many themes advertise WooCommerce compatibility, Shopkeeper was specifically designed to operate with the WooCommerce plug in; and that makes a significant difference.

Shopkeeper is pixel-perfect, fully responsive, and has sold over 5,000 copies during the past year. It is one of three themes produced by Get Bowtied to create eCommerce websites. Consequently, you can expect nothing less than excellent support as you go about building your own eCommerce site.


Uncode –Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme  


            Uncode is another WordPress theme newcomer. While it might seem unusual to have a such new arrival on a list of best themes, Uncode is already a ThemeForest best seller, and it enjoys a near 5-star rating.

The authors paid strict attention to detail when designing Uncode. Its design is clean, modern, and innovative. The package includes Visual Composer, WooCommerce, Layer and Revolution Slider, iLightbox, and other valuable features.


The Core


            The Core is a 10-themes-in-one multipurpose WordPress theme, with more themes to come. It is primarily aimed at the corporate crowd. This WooCommerce ready theme with its Advanced Visual Builder enables a user to create highly complex pages with minimum effort.

In addition to the sliders, shortcodes, and “shop ‘til you drop” WooCommerce options, The Core’s SEO module will help you build a website that will generate traffic and bring crowds of visitors to the door of your business, store, or shop.


Kallyas WordPress Theme  


This eCommerce-oriented WordPress theme is well suited for both large companies and small businesses, and for entrepreneurs as well. Kallyas is featured on ThemeForest, it is the work of an Elite Author, and it has sold over 15,000 copies to users all over the world. The recently released Version 4.0 is actually more of a reload than an update.

New features include the frontend LIVE Builder, a selection of sliders and Hero Scenes, customized home pages, and a selection of blog and portfolio layouts. Kallyas is a great choice if you’re looking for a solid eCommerce theme with a great reputation.


SEOWP – SEO, Online Marketing, Social Media Agency WordPress Theme  


It’s only natural to assume that any eCommerce theme will be SEO ready. Most are. SEO WP is as well, but this premium WordPress theme has more to offer. Its design specifically addresses the needs of the digital marketplace, and a need for websites that serve that marketplace by generating large volumes of customer traffic.

Consequently, ready-to-edit SEO content and SEO images are included in the package. Customize either or both, and you can sit back and wait for customers to gather at the door of your online shop. Check SEO WP out. It’s different from most eCommerce themes.


Despacho Theme  


            Despacho is a cutting-edge WordPress theme for building eCommerce sites. The powerful premium edition includes all of the high-quality features for shops – with a twist. The premium version, which happens to be the only version, is 100% free, and with no strings attached. Since the full-featured, customizable Despacho template is totally responsive, users can access your website on any device at any time.

Try the demo of this WooCommerce theme, or download the theme itself. Quality often comes at a price, but there are exceptions, and this is one of them. Check it out!


Mr. Tailor


            Almost 4,000  Mr. Tailor copies have been sold. Version 2.0 has now been released. The effort that went into this version was greatly influenced by feedback from users and online store owners. Consequently, this eCommerce WordPress theme is destined to become more popular than ever.

Mr. Tailor brings to the table powerful eCommerce functionality, WooCommerce compatibility, the Visual Page Builder, and a Theme Options Panel that will help to emphasize your brand – all without coding.


Lecco One Page WordPress Theme


While many multipurpose WordPress themes have one page website building capabilities, a theme that specializes in one page websites will almost always provide you with extra options and give better results. Lecco is such a theme. It is an excellent choice whether you intend to build a single one page website or hundreds.

One page sites can be especially effective for displaying portfolios, publishing blogs, or showcasing products. Lecco is extremely versatile in this respect. Visit the website; where you will find a link to view the demo.


Kleo Community Theme


            Kleo’s unique BuddyPress design gives it the versatility you need to create engaging community, membership, company presentation, or mobile websites. Kleo has the distinction of being called the #1 BuddyPress theme of 2015. Among the many pre-made demo pages to choose from you will find the most requested feature of this theme – the impressive News Magazine Demo.

If you plan to create an online community, publish a professional blog, or showcase a portfolio, Kleo deserves your attention.


Royal – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme


            Royal Theme is 60+ themes in one. What makes this WordPress theme special is how these themes are categorized. Royal is a multipurpose theme, but it is within its eCommerce, Corporate and Agency, and One Page categories where it really shines. The eCommerce category for example features 16 variants.

The other categories feature similar variants. If you need to inform customers or potential customers of product pre-release information or services coming soon, Royal has a fine selection of Landing Page variants. This theme is a valuable one to own for many different purposes.


Hipsta – Minimal Creative WP Theme


A theme named Hipsta should be a cool one indeed, and that’s the case with this minimal creative WordPress theme. You can build an entire website with Hipsta. It’s at its best however if you want to build an awesome filterable portfolio or a masonry portfolio with 2, 3, or 4 columns. You can also add slideshows or video to your portfolio pages.

Use its pre-made demo to get your project off to a fast start. Hipsta comes with illustrated documentation and videos to help you along the way. The authors suggest viewing this documentation before you buy.


Summing up

We hope your search for just the right theme to fit your needs has been successful. You can’t go wrong with any of the selections from this list of premium themes.

We are always interested in our reader’s selections, and in the success they experience from making their selections. If you feel something is missing, let us know that as well.

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Web Inspector Turns 10


Web Inspector, the popular open source web development tool for Safari web browser, is now ten years old.

For a decade now, Web Inspector has helped developers prototype, inspect and debug their code on iOS and Mac devices. 

It began as a simple tool, lacking even a basic console, and capable of only offering the DOM tree and style rules. However, over the course of ten years, Web Inspector has evolved into a big project, and today, it is an integral part of every web developer’s workflow who needs to work with the Safari web browser.

The most interesting part is that Web Inspector, in itself, has been open source ever since its birth back in 2006. With each major update of Safari, Web Inspector too got an overhaul, such as the major UI redesign in 2008.


Last year, Web Inspector added many new changes and updates to its core, such as enhanced JavaScript support, better queries and styling, better frame rendering and many new interesting additions.

As of now, Web Inspector does not seem to have any decent alternative and as such, this open source web development tool built within the Safari web browser is going strong.

Are you a user of Web Inspector? If not, and if you do code often for iOS or Mac devices, you should give it a spin. And if you are an existing user, how has your experience been? Share your views in the comments below.

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12 Best and Essential WordPress Plugins you should Install



WordPress itself comes with a lot of functionality and features; however, there are times when the core functionality is not enough for a website. One of the best ways to extend the functionality is through adding the plugins.

Plugins are a great way to add any type of feature to your website without messing with the code. It allows non-technical webmasters to customize their websites. However, with more than 50,000 plugins, it is definitely one heck of a job to figure out which plugin to use. Therefore, we have gathered a list of plugins that can help you improve your website in no time.

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Seo by Yoast

In order to improve your search engine ranking, you need to optimize your website for search engines. SEO includes adding Meta description, Meta tag, title and much more. This is where WordPress SEO by Yoast comes into play. It allows you to easily add all the important and relevant information to your website.

  1. Jetpack


Jetpack is an excellent WordPress plugin that comes with a wide variety of features. The plugin is basically used to monitor the number of visitors on the website. However, it is also equipped with other features such as

nt WordPress plugin that comes with a wide variety of features. The plugin is basically used to monitor the number of visitors on the website. However, it is also equipped with other features such as number of content tools, enhanced security, related posts, social sharing, spam-free comments and much more.

  1. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total CacheCaching is one of the most important parts of improved site loading time. In order to speed up the performance and load time of your site, you need to enable caching. It allows you to save the important data on your visitors’ browsers. To make the process simpler, use W3 Total Cache plugin.

  1. iThemes Security

iTheme Security

iThemes Security is one of the most popular WordPress plugin that helps you protect your website from hackers and spammers. A majority of webmasters are usually unaware of the loopholes in their websites and thus make their sites vulnerable to hacks. Installing iThemes Security helps you fill up all the holes and makes your website secure and protected.

  1. Login Lockdown

Login lockDown

WordPress wp-admin is the most common and vulnerable entry point for hackers. A person can try to login into your website through wp-admin with unlimited login attempts. However, using Login Lockdown WordPress plugin, you can limit the number of login attempts. This way you can protect your login area by locking it down.

  1. Duplicator


Internet is a wild world where you can promote your business without spending a fortune. However, it is also extremely vulnerable to threats and hacking attacks. This is why you should backup your website every once in a while in case something wrong happens with your site. Instead of manually backing your website up, you can use Duplicator WordPress plugin and save yourself from all the pain.

  1. Floating Social Bar

Floating Social Bars

Social media sites play an important role in driving traffic to a website today since 90% of web users are using such platforms to communicate and share. A majority of websites have realized the significance of promoting their websites on social media. However, instead of sharing each new post, product or services on different platforms, you can simply integrate Floating Social Bar to your website and connect with your followers easily.

  1. Optinmonster


Optinmonster is a great premium WordPress plugin that increases generation lead for a website. You can create interactive pop-ups and forms for your site and convert visitors into subscribers. Additional features include exit intent technology, split testing, analytics, page-level targeting and much more.

  1. Akismet


Akismet is an anti-spam plugin that helps you keep spam comments at bay. It filters out all the spam comments from your website. In addition, Akismet is a free plugin and can be used without even spending a penny. It also offers a premium service with additional features and can be availed at as low as $9 per month.

  1. Contact Form 7

Contact Form7

Contact Form 7 is the most developer friendly contact form plugin that lets you create user-friendly forms. It can manage various contact forms as well as allows you to customize them according to your preferences and requirements. All you have to do is copy and paste a short code where you want to add the form. Contact Form 7 is also enabled with akismet spam filtering features, CAPTCHA, and Ajax-powered submitting.

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an amazing plugin to monitor your website. It enables you to track the number of visitors, social media traffic, location and behavior of the traffic and much more. You can see the whole stats in your website dashboard without logging into your Google Analytics account.

  1. Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Site Map

Google XML Sitemaps, as the name suggests, helps you generate XML sitemaps for your website. Sitemaps are important for your website to help search engines index your website better. They also help search engine crawlers to understand the structure and show the relevant results.

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Drupal is Now 15 Years Old


Drupal, the world’s second most popular Content Management System, recently completed 15 years of active development.

The first version of Drupal was released back in January 2000, and as such, it has completed over a decade and a half of development, and still continues to grow strong. 

While Drupal was once more popular than it is today, and it lost its crown to WordPress, it is still used by millions of websites and has earned a reputation for being a robust and stable piece of software for building your websites. In comparion to Drupal, WordPress is currently 12 years old, whereas the third player in the top CMS league, Joomla, is a decade old.


It is also noteworthy that Wikipedia was launched on the same day as Drupal. Back then, Facebook and Twitter were nowhere to be seen, and even basic features such as RSS were not popular. Drupal was one of the first software of its type to fully support RSS. Of course, among web browsers, Chrome, Firefox or Safari were yet to be born, and the internet was still being dominated by the likes of Internet Explorer and Opera.

Now that Drupal is trying to balance its target audience by focusing on the needs of both end users and enterprise users, it will be interesting to see how the future development roadmap of Drupal pans out. As more and more Content Management Systems focus on the integration of APIs for interacting with other services, Drupal too is adopting a similar path.

What do you think of Drupal as a CMS? Have you ever used it to build your websites? Share your views in the comments below!

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